Notes to the Statements of Cash Flows


The statement of cash flows shows how cash inflows and outflows during the fiscal year affected the cash and cash equivalents of the Bayer Group. Cash flows are classified by operating, investing and financing activities in accordance with IAS 7 (Statement of Cash Flows). Effects of changes in the scope of consolidation are stated separately.

Of the cash and cash equivalents, an amount of €14 million (2016: €17 million) had limited availability due to Foreign exchange Claims for payments in foreign currencies traded on foreign exchanges, usually in the form of balances with foreign banks or bills of exchange or checks payable abroad; banknotes and coins denominated in foreign currencies are not considered to be foreign exchange. restrictions. Past experience has shown such restrictions to be of short duration. The above amount included €0 million (2016: €3 million) of exchange-restricted cash in Venezuela. The conversion of cash from Venezuelan bolivars (VEF) into U.S. dollars is subject to a government approval process.

The cash flows reported by consolidated companies outside the eurozone are translated at average monthly exchange rates, with the exception of cash and cash equivalents, which are translated at closing rates. The “Change in cash and cash equivalents due to exchange rate movements” is reported in a separate line item.

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