Other Operating Expenses

Other operating expenses were comprised as follows:

Other Operating Expenses








€ million


€ million

2016 figures restated

Losses on retirements of noncurrent assets





Impairment losses on receivables





Expenses related to significant legal risks





Losses from derivatives





Miscellaneous operating expenses










of which special items





Of the impairment losses on receivables, €74 million (2016: €115 million) pertained to past-due receivables in Brazil.

The expenses related to significant legal risks amounted to €258 million in 2017 (2016: €262 million), which, as in the previous year, primarily included expenses in connection with litigation relating to the produts Xarelto™, Essure™ and Cipro™ / Avelox™.

Miscellaneous operating expenses included donations to charitable causes (all segments) and subsidies for patient assistance programs with government agencies and partners of health care systems (Pharmaceuticals segment) in the amount €52 million (2016: €43 million). A settlement relating to a seed license agreement led to an expense of €14 million (Crop Science segment). Further expenses of €11 million were incurred in connection with intellectual property and patent disputes about a herbicide active ingredient (Crop Science segment). In addition, expenses of €11 million were recorded for restructuring at Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG, Germany (All Other Segments).

The remaining amount of miscellaneous operating expenses comprised a large number of individually immaterial items at the subsidiaries.

In 2016, miscellaneous operating expenses included €34 million for provisions established by the Crop Science segment for environmental protection measures in the United States.

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